Elite Hitter Daily Guide

  • 16Weeks


The Elite Hitter Daily Guide is guaranteed to make hitters more consistent at the plate while also improving exit velo/bat speed. The elite hitter daily guide gives you access to the drills and routines used by the best hitters in professional baseball. This routine has been tested and proven to work on a multitude of players that BaseballGenerations works with individually. When tested at the end of the program some of the best results include a 30 percent rise in hard hit ball percentage and a +6 mph jump in exit velo. Each drill comes with a theral description of how to complete it properly along with a video for visual aid. Some equipment is required including a hitting net, baseballs, a bat, (a partner to help toss balls, for some drills), and an open space. Equipment that will help but is not required includes a heavy training bat, short bat and L Screen. We have added very easy DIY options to be able to complete the program without that extra equipment. Join BaseballGenerations Family of elite hitters today!

Tim Ravare
Tim Ravare

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