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Elite Infielder/Outfielder Daily Guide

  • 16Weeks


The Elite Infielder/Elite Outfielder Daily Guide is guaranteed to make infielders and outfielders better defenders. The elite infielder/outfielder daily guide gives you access to the drills and routines used by the best players in professional baseball. This routine has been tested and proven to work on a multitude of players that BaseballGenerations works with individually. When tested at the end of the program some of the best results include velo jumps of 4 miles per hour on throws from position, 35% increase in fielding percentage at end of program test, and more confidence making plays in game. Each drill comes with a description of how to complete it properly along with a video for visual aid. Some equipment is required including baseballs, glove, (a partner to help toss balls/hit ground balls for some drills), and an open space. Equipment that will help but is not required includes a net to throw into, bases, fungo, pancake glove and ankle weights. Join BaseballlGenerations Family of elite defenders today!





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