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Elite Speed Guide

  • 16Weeks


The Elite Speed Daily Guide is guaranteed to make you a faster runner and keep you in shape to be fast the entire season. The elite Speed Daily guide gives you access to drills and routines that have been proven to build speed. (especially 60 yard dash times). This routine has been tested and proven to work on a multitude of players that BaseballGenerations works with individually. When tested at the end of the program some of the best results include turning a 7.55 60 yard dash time to a 6.97! Each drill comes with a theral description of how to complete it properly along with a video for visual aid. Little to no equipment is required besides running shoes/cleats, an open space (up to 120 yards), a way to measure distance (using a track or football field is an easy way to measure sprints). Equipment that is not required but makes drills easier are cones, track hurdles, resistance bands. Join BaseballGenerations Family of runners today!





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