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The BBG Hitting Clinic is scheduled for October 22nd & October 29th from 10:00am to 1:00pm. It is designed for players from classes of 2024 through to 2028. The clinic will cover various aspects of hitting, including film analysis and exit velocity measurement.

Participants will engage in professional drills, live at-bats (AB’s), and workouts focused on improving bat speed and exit velocity. The clinic is organized in different stations: Cage 1 will be dedicated to filming and analyzing exit velocity; Cage 2 will focus on drills; and Cage 3 will have a machine and live pitching.


Additionally, there will be a weight room set up for workouts to enhance bat speed and exit velocity, which will include exercises using medicine balls and sledgehammers.


The plan is to rotate groups through the three cages and the weight room to ensure that everyone gets the chance to participate in all activities. 

If you have any questions email us at!

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