It is more than America’s favorite past time. 


Baseball is a powerful tool for youth development. It can foster character, cognitive skills, social skills, and self-confidence in youth from elementary school to college. Youth who play sports on a regular basis are more likely to complete high school and college. 


Baseball can be instrumental to developing youth and our communities. 

But the communities who need it the most have the least access. 

2016 study conducted by TD Ameritrade found that more that most of the U.S. families surveyed were spending $100-$499 a month on youth sports with 20% spending $1,000 or more on youth sports (TD Ameritrade, 2016). Since 2016 the margin has only grown larger. 


Learn more about the inequity of youth sports:

BaseballGenerations Foundation is more than just a baseball program. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides expert-level baseball instruction, mentorship, life skills training, youth development, and local park beautification in a way that is completely accessible to South LA youth. Our founders are from the neighborhoods that our programs serve. We provide players with the skills and character they need to succeed on the field and as the future leaders of our community.


100% of all money donated to BaseballGenerations Foundation will provide opportunities for the youth to participate in travel ball, camps, skills training, mentorship activities, to help them become better baseball players, active citizens within their local communities. Make a tax-deductible donation today and help to provide better opportunities through baseball!


BaseballGenerations Foundation is currently fiscally sponsored by Broome Family Foundation


EIN: 27-1048228

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Player/Parent Testimonials 

Hi, my name is James Key. The thing that I like most about BBG is the friendship. We get to meet some really nice people. I also like how the coaches teach. They treat everyone with respect. They teach us about life and give us a-lot of information about baseball. They also tell us the hard truth when we need it. That is why I am thankful for BBG.


James Key BBG Academy 10u



I started working with Ron when Kevin was about 12 years old, up until this point we had a few trainers before but none made such an immediate impact on Kevin’s in game performance. We were immediately sold on Ron’s training ability and continued to come back for lessons. As Kevin’s game continued to develop through training Ron informed us that him and Tim, Dom were starting an organization called BaseballGenerations dedicated to player development. Ever since then we have loved to be a part of the BaseballGenerations family from the top notch individual training, the next level coaching, the camps with current/former college and professional baseball players, and mentorship. 


Louie V - Parent 

We started working with BaseballGenerations about 2 years ago as they were conducting “practice takeovers” for a local travel ball team that we played for at Mona Park. Ron, Tim, Dom every Tuesday and Thursday would show the team the drills collectively that they had learned throughout college and professional baseball. It was a great experience to be around a Major League Baseball player on a week by week basis to be able to pick his brain about the game. The guys really pushed/instituted work ethic into my son Davin and the team as a whole. The BaseballGenerations staff as a whole encouraged the boys to believe in themselves and always to put their best foot forward!


Danny V - Parent 

My name is James Tomlin and I’m in the fifth grade.  I play for Baseball Generations because the coaches are really good at teaching us so that we could get as good as them. I like the practices too. My teammates practice as much as we can to try to be a better team.  The coaches are helping us reach our goals so that we could get in the Major League.  Then maybe we can teach others, so they can be in the major leagues.

James Tomlin - 10u BBG Academy 

My name is Malik Levy and I’m a baseball player . I play travel baseball for baseball generations, I like playing for BBG. because the coaches know a lot about baseball and they’ve played baseball in college and I plan on playing in college as well. My teammate are great and we have a lot of fun playing together, I’ve a lot gained new friends on this team . Another thing I like about baseball generations is we get to traveled play baseball. Our last trip to Yuma Arizona was a lot of fun. We had lunch together as a team, we went to round table pizza after the game and had a great time. My family and I spent time in the swimming pool and went out to eat a lot. This year in school is different than last year . I miss my after school program and playing with my friends . It’s hard not

being able to see your friends from last year. I miss being in the classroom with my teachers and learning face to face . Being

on a computer everyday is hard, but I still stay focus as much as I can and do all of my work . It has been hard learning how to

type on a lab top , But thanks to BBG I now have a Chromebook to practice on . I hope we return to school soon so I can

continue to be a great student that I was last year .  


 Malik Levy 10u BBG Academy 


I started working out with BBG just over three years ago when I was 13. BBG has helped me become stronger and really helped me to perform better in my Highschool games. In three years BBG has helped me gain over 40 pounds to help me become a stronger hitter and more explosive. My goal for the school year is to be able to keep getting stronger with BBG zoom workouts and improving my game once I get back out on the field, while maintaining my straight A’s in school. Even though Highschool baseball may not happen this year, with the guidance of BBG I hope to keep improving my game for when my Varsity team’s season starts. By the end of this school year, or before, I hope to be in contact with the colleges I would like to go to and possibly commit to the one I see as the best fit for me.


Owen Gott BBG Academy 17u

My name is Delton and I’ve really enjoyed participating with BBG, they have always given me that push I need to excel in baseball. Their program is one of the best I have been with because of the training I have received from Tim and Ron.  With what I have learned I have been able to use it while playing in high school. I plan on supporting BBG as long as they are available for training. -


Delton Prinze - BBG Academy 17u 


What I love about BBG is that all of the coaches are so nice to everyone but also stern at the same time,  The coaches always try to push you to your limits and motivate you to make you the best baseball player you can possibly be.  They give us many stretches to be ready and loose for the exercises and give us hard workouts to strengthen our muscles.  We also get speed and agility training within our workouts.   Another thing I like about BBG is the teams are always so nice and they always help their teammates. My goals for the virtual school year is that I am working on having better study habits and being more organized.   I also want to bring up my world history grade because my grade in History currently isn't great.  Also another goal of mine is to continue working hard in coding class because I want to continue to be number one on the leaderboard.  


 Christopher Mora-Amaral BBG Academy - 13u BBG Academy 

One of my favorite things about Baseball Generations is the hashtag, “BBG La Familia”, which is a Spanish word that means family in English. It symbolizes the chemistry in the program and how close we are. I have been part of the organization for years, and one thing I learned about BBG is that we work together as a unit. My coaches Ron Miller and Tim Ravare have pushed me to get better on and off the field. They told me what it takes to get to the next level, to work hard and achieve my goals. I love BBG and will continue to pursue my journey in their name.


 Deano Nelson BBG Academy 17u

There are many different things to like about The BaseballGenerations. For instance, the program is not about money it is actually

about your kid. Most programs wouldn't care about your child, but with The BaseballGenerations it's a whole different story.

The number one thing that I like about The BaseballGenerations is that they want to make you feel comfortable. All of the coaches know from experience, that baseball is very hard. The organization has many workouts that you can attend. Many of B.B.G.’s friends play in the major leagues or they have played at a really high level of baseball. The coaching is really good. The main thing that they care about is you giving it your all, or trying your hardest all times. In conclusion, I think that the Baseball Generations is a great organization. They have great coaching staff, and they have many links to the MLB. If you ever stumble upon this organization then you should sign your child up. So just remember this name, The BaseballGenerations.

Justin Castellanos BBG 12u